Our life becomes too complicated, we all have tons of things to do and we are less organized than before. The ShakyDO smartphone app obliges you to organize and move forward in your work.
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How ShakyDO works

Shakydo is a smartphone task management software based on the random pick of tasks to do . You enter your tasks in the list and the software chooses a task randomly and displays the task . Displaying the task randomly is done once an hour or by shaking your smartphone, this gives a playful aspect to the accomplishment of your tasks. This operation forces you to perform your task and to put it into completed tasks as quickly as possible! Available on android and soon on iphone.

We can not focus and organize anymore!

Nowadays, we have all sorts of distractions like Facebook, all sorts of games on smartphones, computers or others. At the same time we have extra work . This results in a weak concentration and a loss of motivation .

We’re wasting time unnecessarily causing stress!

So we waste time , we forget things to do, nothing progresses as we should and we put everything back to tomorrow … But our smartphone could help us to improve this situation because there are applications for the organization including task lists !

Ineffective task lists on smartphones

Unfortunately these lists of tasks only accumulate what we have to do, without causing their effective realization. That’s where the ShakyDO app comes in!

The ShakyDO app cures laziness, procrastination and memory loss!

Bima and Samba have developed for you a list of tasks that you fill on your smartphone. But your task list does not just accumulate tasks, ShakyDO shows you random tasks ! So every hour ShakyDO reminds you that you have something to do and more.

Shake your smartphone to get on with your work!

If you are crowing on the crows and do not know what to do, take your phone in hand and shake it ! ShakyDO will draw lots for you! So you know what you need to do and you are encouraged to do it now!

Thanks to ShakyDO, you can’t procrastinate and be the victim of your own laziness!

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Made in Sainte-Suzanne, Reunion Island
on an idea of ​​Mangala-Bima Jean Patrice
coded by Emmanuel Sambassouredy